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Why Teach English in China?

Because it’s a fun, rewarding experience! It’s very easy to save money, and have lots of free-time to travel! An English teacher in China makes on average a salary 3-4 times higher than the average person in China. So no matter what, it’s very easy to save money, and you can easily afford to eat out every meal and enjoy a very luxurious life-style, while still saving money and enjoying the joys and rewarding experiences of teaching English in China!

Typical benefits in China include: 

  • Flight reimbursement on completion of the contract
  • Furnished apartment or monthly housing allowance
  • Paid holidays
  • Legal ‘Z’ work visa & residence permit
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Performance and Demo related bonuses and commissions
  • Professional development & support
  • Free Mandarin classes

China Link ESL is also 100% free for our job seekers. So start a new teaching adventure in China now!


There is no exercise better for the heart than teaching a young mind to grow

Brian Acton • Head Director

Why We Assist With

  • We’ll provide a free consultation call with you, to go over your preferences and questions.
  • We’ll help prepare you for your interview and we’ll make sure you do a great job!
  • We personally inspect each school we work with, and most language schools, we’ve been working with these schools for multiple years already. So we already have a great relationship and we listen to the input, and good reviews from our teachers currently teaching in China!
  • We will also help assist you with getting your visa paperwork and the general process of the visa application.
  • We’ll arrange a free airport pickup when you arrive in China.
  • We’ll help resolve any issues you may have, during your stay in China.
  • Most of all! We’re here to answer all of your questions about living and teaching in China!

China Link ESL is always 100% FREE for our job seekers. Start your new teaching adventure in China today!



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Adventure awaits you in a rewarding experience of teaching English in China.