A Five Step Plan to Getting a Job Teaching English Abroad in China

Wanting to know how to get a job teaching English abroad in China? China Link ESL, details the five steps required for teachers to begin their journey teaching English abroad.

Teaching English abroad is becoming more popular for native English speaking teachers in the U.S, England, and Europe. News is spreading about how teaching English in China carries many benefits over other overseas destinations due to enjoyable cultural experiences, excellent housing arrangements, and high-earning potential in comparison to the relatively low cost of living in China.


China Link ESL, a leading TEFL Job Service for teachers who wish to know how to get a job teaching English abroad in China has a decade of ESL industry experience connecting teachers with the top schools and universities across China.

Here’s an easy five-step plan to get hired as an English teacher to teach English overseas in China.

Step One

Contact a reputable recruitment firm who specializes in the country you desire to teach in. They should have a website with guidelines and requirements to begin the process. Also check out their social media pages, namely Facebook, to see if there are stories, photos, testimonials and reviews of current teachers who have been placed in your destination.

Step Two

Enroll in an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) certification class to obtain any one of the following:

· TEFL certificate (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language),
· CELTA certification (Certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
· TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) – same as TEFL.

This will provide you with the skills to function successfully as an English teacher with accreditation recognized by thousands of schools and institutes across China.

Step Three

Conduct your job search. With the assistance of your Job Placement Advisor and/or recruitment agent, identify positions at various educational institutions that fit your goals, skills, and personality.

Step Four

Finally, apply for positions and interview. Thanks to internet technology you will be able to apply and interview for positions right from home. Your interviews will be conducted by phone and Skype. Many times this process will overlap your EFL class. Your Job Placement Advisor and/or recruiter will help prepare you for your interviews.

Step Five

Once you receive a job offer, you simply need to sign a contract and file documents to obtain a work (Z) visa in China. In conclusion, the school or university will register you as a “foreign expert”, proof of a Bachelors or Masters degree will also be required, and some relevant teaching experience. Furthermore, your advisor and/or agent will then assist with travel and housing arrangements before you embark on your trip.

Teaching English in China has never been simpler!

China Link ESL helps teachers organize all the necessary paperwork needed to obtain a legal work (Z) visa, travel and housing accommodations. Additionally, we help facilitate paid training for all of our English teaching positions.

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The company is very in touch with the community and the teachers feel like family. Furthermore,this is especially apparent on their Facebook page with numerous photos and videos of happy children and teachers.

More reasons why you should be teaching English in China!

Our Facebook Page has over (60) public reviews. One teacher left a recent review saying, “I always knew I wanted to work abroad but put it off for so long, and then I got a message about working in China reaching English and thought, what an amazing opportunity. Therefore, I spoke with Brian first who was so informative and helpful with details about the job, the Chinese lifestyle and benefits and after that I was sold.

Additionally, Anita and Brian were so helpful, patient and considerate about me every step of the way up until I’ve arrived in China and now I’ve just moved to Xuzhou.Thank you to both of you for helping me achieve this, it’s a brilliant opportunity and I would recommend anyone to join and use China Link ESL.”

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China Link ESL has made a major push in 2018 with a new website and expansion of it’s social media presence to other popular platforms such as Instagram. In addition, their service is always 100% free for job seekers.


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Adventure awaits you in a rewarding experience of teaching English in China.

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