What You Should Know Before Becoming an ESL Teacher in China

Becoming an ESL teacher overseas is in high demand today for both the financial and cultural opportunity. Leader TEFL service China Link ESL explains what teachers should know to prepare themselves before they begin their journey.

The requirements for become an ESL teacher in China is easier than ever. Making it very accessible to teachers around the world in the United States and Europe. Compared to other Asian countries, China’s cultural experiences and financial opportunities have made it a popular destination for native English speaking teachers. Therefore, the selection of schools, locations, and teaching jobs in China provide an option for all types of teachers.

China Link ESL has been connecting teachers with the very best schools across China for almost ten years. With that much ESL industry experience, the company is very interested in maintaining best practices and offering sound advice to teachers who want to live their dream teaching English abroad in China, which is a very economical way to soak up the culture while also earning a living.

Therefore, they recently detailed the most important items to know before teaching ESL in China:

5 Things to Know Before Becoming An ESL Teacher in China

1. Know the main job types and teaching experience requirements.
2. Understand how location can impact your salary.
3. Learn about the types of schools in which you can find teaching opportunities.
4. Have clear expectations on what you can accomplish in year one.
5. Prepare to enjoy life, culture, and most importantly the food in China.

In regards to job placement for ESL teachers in China, a teacher will make the most money at universities and international schools. Those positions will also require higher levels of experience and qualifications and experience. Therefore, it is quite competitive however very much achievable. Even placement at public schools and language institutes still allow teachers to live an exceedingly good standard of living and also be able to save some money.

A full list of FAQ’s can be found here:

We Make It Simple

Teaching abroad has never been simpler. China Link ESL helps teachers organize all the necessary paperwork needed to obtain a legal work (Z) visa, travel and housing accommodations. We help facilitate paid training for all positions and we will always provide you with our extended knowledge and experience of everything you’ll need to know about becoming an ESL teacher in China.

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Private Tutoring

The company released the statement, “Private tutoring is also an option for teachers wishing to save even more money. These are opportunities that create themselves once a teacher established tenure and connections as a school teacher.”

Working only five extra hours on the weekend would earn a teacher charging RMB 250/h, up to RMB 5,000rmb ($833usd) per month, extra money on top of their regular salary job. Furthermore, teachers also have the option to work during the summer and winter holidays. Teaching for up to 14 days in a row, 4-5 classes a day, a teacher will earn between RMB 14,000 ($2,333usd) and RMB 17,500 ($2,916usd)  (just for this period)

The staff at China Link ESL are very much in touch with our community of teachers and our teachers always feel like family. This is especially apparent on their Facebook page with numerous photos and videos of happy children and teachers.

Teacher Testimonials

Our Facebook Page has over (60) public reviews. One teacher left a recent review saying, “If you had told my younger self that I would be an English teacher, I would have just laughed at the idea. Yet, here I am! I couldn’t believe how easy Anita and Brian made the whole process feel from the interview to the visa process all the way to landing in China. They were there ever step of the way, a comforting friend! Brian has been so supportive through the whole process and I cannot thank him enough for all the advice he’s given me. Thank you both for everything you’ve done for me. I would recommend this to anyone

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Adventure awaits you in a rewarding experience of teaching English in China.