How Much Do English Teachers Make in China 2023?

The eligibility requirements to become an ESL teacher in China are fairly accessible compared to other Asian countries. Which is why so many teachers from the UK and U.S. are now living their dream and moving abroad to teach English in China. 


In comparison to other countries, China offers a wide selection of locations and schools, with flexible options and high salaries for all types of teachers. Furthermore, what has also attracted many teachers looking to teach English in China is the countries offerings in culture, language, travel opportunities, entertainment, and food. But many of our applicants have also been asking us, how much do English teacher make in China? In the following blog, we’ll lay out some of the facts!

China Link ESL, a leading TEFL Job Service for teachers who wish to teach English abroad in China has a decade of ESL industry experience connecting teachers with the top schools and universities across China.
The company outlined the five primary types of teaching jobs and salary levels for English teacher to teach English overseas in China.

ESL Teacher Salary Levels

Private tutor— 200rmb-350RMB hourly   ($33 usd – $58 USD a hour)
Language schools— 15,000rmb-25,000RMB monthly ($2,500 USD – $4,166 USD monthly)
International schools— 20,000rmb-35,000RMB monthly ($3,333 USD – $5,833 USD monthly)

In more expensive cities like Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen, salaries might be on the higher range due to the higher cost of living. In addition, we also have English teaching positions with provided apartment or housing allowance depending on the position you choose?

Coronavirus Update

Since the advent of Coronavirus, the vast majority of our English teaching positions available are at government operated public schools and international schools. Additionally, these positions also offer a 3 month paid, Winter and Summer holidays for our teachers.

We Make It Simple

The process to teach abroad has never been simpler. China Link ESL helps teachers organize all the necessary paperwork needed to obtain a legal work (Z) visa, travel and housing accommodations. Furthermore, we help facilitate paid training for all positions.

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The company is very in touch with the community and the teachers feel like family. This is especially apparent on their Facebook page with numerous photos and videos of happy children and teachers.

Teacher Testimonials

Our Facebook Page has over (60) public reviews. One teacher recently left a review saying, “I always knew I wanted to work abroad but put it off for so long, and then I got a message about working in China. I spoke with Brian first who was so informative and helpful with details about the job! Anita and Brian were so helpful, patient and considerate about me every step of the way. Now I’ve just moved to Xuzhou!

Thank you to both of you for helping me achieve this, it’s a brilliant opportunity and I would recommend anyone to join and use China Link ESL.”

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China Link ESL has made a major push in 2018 with a new website and expansion of it’s social media presence to other popular platforms such as Instagram. Their service is always 100% free for job seekers.



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Adventure awaits you in a rewarding experience of teaching English in China.