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China Link ESL Stories - Jake Stevens - EnglandI was searching through job sites in England when an add popped up to earn good money teaching English in China, just out of curiosity I attached my email address to see what it was all about. I was soon contacted by Brian who gave me all kinds of information and packages about working in China, a lot of the information sounded too good to be true, minimal hours, a great wage and all in an exotic location.

I had not been to China before, could not speak any Chinese so it was very difficult to see myself moving out there, but the perks of the job were too good to ignore.

After a long time of speaking to Brian, asking him lots of questions and everyday changing my mind, I very nearly didn’t go. Why would I? China is the other side of the world, that’s crazy!!

But I took a risk, I said “what is the worst that can happen?” Me and my partner flew to Beijing to attend 2 weeks training with First Leap. We then took a train to the city we would be working in, Taizhou.

We have now been here 4 months and had the best time imaginable. All of the perks Brian mentioned turned out to be true and many more. There is also room for progression as I have recently been made the senior teacher at our centre with potential to be the headmaster one day.

I wish I had just believed Brian’s honesty in the first place and came a lot sooner. If you’re thinking about working in China but are unsure and are worried about all the if’s, don’t be. I did all the research I could. I read some reviews about the company online, terrible reviews, but I had to see it for myself.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. Stop creating barriers and just go for it, you won’t look back!

Stop creating barriers and just go for it, you won’t look back!


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