First and foremost, welcome to the brand-spanking new China Link ESL Blog!

Let me introduce myself; I’m Kelly, your typical 20-something itchy-footed Brit, and I made a rather gutsy decision in 2015 to move to China and become an English teacher. I suspect a lot of you reading this are currently in the process of deciding whether such a step is for you, and great, you’re exactly for whom this blog is designed for.

Moving to a different country is daunting: new language, new culture, new food, new job. Before I came to China I had never been to Asia, nor had I experienced teaching small children, let alone ones that don’t speak my language!

So where am I going with this? Well, after 9 months of working, living and experiencing life in the Beijing capital, I feel I have a mountain of wonders to share with you all. I want to change that daunting feeling in to one of excitement and ‘I can do this’ attitude. Over the coming weeks I’ll do my best to prepare those of you still waiting to board the plane, and I will happily share my mini-adventures to hotspots in China for those of you already here. I’ll be sure to cover all the areas that leave you scratching your head, such as work life (I currently work with First Leap) and everyday life – what to expect, ways to settle in etc – travel, cultural differences and much more.

Of course questions are always welcome – I love questions! – so please ask away, not matter how big or small. If I can’t answer it, I’m sure another reader will be happy to help.

China is full of surprise, intrigue, beauty and fantastic people – I can’t wait to share it with you!


In the meantime, check out my personal blog over at Blue Eyed View if you’re curious about all the wonderful places there are to visit in this beautiful country. China Link ESL Blog!